Combo and Traction Motor Services

Our combo and traction motor services cover a broad spectrum and include complete inspection, maintenance, requalification, triage (light motor repair), recondition and / or rebuild as necessary.

R&W's Traction Motor Triage is a value-engineered service that is offered to minimize your operating costs while extending the useful life of your traction motor before a complete motor rebuild becomes necessary.

Our menu of services includes:

Locomotive Combo Services
  • TM combo inspection
  • Traction motor inspection
  • Gear case inspection
  • Wheel and axle services
    (see Wheel Shop Services)
Traction Motor Services
  • AC traction motor requalification
    with final test and run-in
  • DC traction motor requalification
    with brush seating, final test
    and run-in
  • TM frame inspection
  • Brush holder removal, cleaning and inspection
  • Brush replacement
  • Bearing inspection
  • Bearing re-grease
  • Pinion inspection
  • Commutator stoning
  • Wash and dry
Traction Motor Triage
  • Brush holder replacement
  • DC armature dip and bake
  • AC stator dip and bake
  • Bearing lubrication system modification
  • TM frame repair
  • TM frame welding
  • Lead cable repair and / or replacement
  • Lug repair or replacement
  • ARS band (creepage area) replacement
  • Bearing replacement
  • Pinion replacement
  • Component swap and salvage
  • Gear case repair

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Wheel Shop Services

Traction Motor and Combo Services


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